Sharing a Room with His Brother by Roxie Ann.


This one made me laugh from the start, because Sam is so annoying when Dean is trying to sleep. It was this:

“Dean crept into bed, years of experience and experiences (all bad) prompting him not to jostle and wake the person lying next to him. Though he highly doubted that Sam was asleep in the first place. He had to wonder if Sam ever slept. Or if Sam just pretended to because that was what they did. But tonight Dean was going to have hope. That Sam was as exhausted as he was and that they would both sleep through the night – peacefully even.

He should have trusted his gut instinct, because Sam hadn’t been asleep. As soon as Dean’s head hit his pillow, Sam’s eyes opened. And so did his mouth.

“We’ll have to get up at 7 if we’re going to be in New Mexico by the end of the day.”

This is so Sam. The rest of the story follows suit, but nothing is as strong as this opening.