Long Lay the World by setissma.


Oh, I did not want to like this story at all. It’s what I call a hanging curtains story because literally that’s what Dean does. He gets sick of the road (if you can imagine such a thing), terrified that one more werewolf is going to finish Sam off, and that’s it. He moves them to Chicago (my least favorite of cities), and buys a goldurn house for him and Sam. It’s all about fixing the house up and how Sam gets suspicious and thinks Dean’s leaving him for some girl, and I’ve got my hands balled up into fists and I’m holding my breath till I turn blue, cause I don’t like it!!! Except I did. Guilty pleasure definately and you know why? Because this line made me laugh like an idiot:

“Sam makes dinner, actual meatloaf with mashed potatoes and some green beans, and Dean decides this house idea was literally the best he’s ever had. Sam falls asleep with his feet in Dean’s lap, watching Christmas movies, and Dean tops out at 27 pieces of popcorn balanced on his face before he wakes up, which is a new record.”

I about spit out my dinner at that one. Plus, you know, Dean he LOVES Sam to pieces, like in this line:

“He leaves it there, and Sam falls asleep again, against his side. It’s a good way to drive, Dean thinks, and he doesn’t even care that it’s a little girly – Sam’s safe, and he’s making Sam feel safe, and that’s all that matters.”

And she had Sam down pat:

“Sam doesn’t scare easily, but he can’t handle fear, doesn’t know how to deal with loss, and Dean figures maybe it’s the two of them, except the only thing he’s ever been afraid of losing is Sam.”

These people, I swear.