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Novel Notes: The experiment

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So I tried a little experiement. I call it the Coffee Shop experiment. In it, I go to a coffee shop to write. It’s gotta be a local one, not a chain, and it should have good solid tables for all the words I’m going to be creating on it. I acutually did this yesterday, but I’m posting the word count today, just to keep track. I went to a place I think is called Ziggi’s but don’t quote me on that one. I did not bring my laptop, even though they have wifi, instead I brought a fountain pen and a stack of paper. Romantic, right? The ink didn’t get everywhere like it sometimes does, but my hand sure ached. I’m more used to writing on the computer these days.

So I didn’t write a lot, only 821 words, none of them blistering, but I did write. Since I did job hunting stuff this morning, and blitzed on that, tomorrow I’ll go to the coffee shop again and try it out. Again. This time I’ll bring my character list, because, crap, I forgot their names. These are secondary characters and I think they are pissed at me for not really knowing who they are because they are all blending together in one pasty faced lump.

Scarecrow: A Supernatural Episode Review

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You can read my review of the Supernatural episode “Scarecrow” at Thank you!


“It’s interesting to think that of the Winchester trio, Sam is considered the black sheep. Winchester men kill what they think needs killing, they destroy what needs to be destroyed, they scam credit card companies out of thousands of dollars, forge documents, live off the grid hand to mouth, and, worst of all, they don’t pay taxes! (At least I don’t think they do.) Yet Sam, who wants to go to college and live the American dream, is essentially the odd man out, or as Dean once put it, is like “The blonde chick on the Munsters.” Poor Sam. Yet at the same time, I get the feeling that Dean thinks that his status as good son is precarious at best and that one slip will make The Dad give him the old heave ho. Which son would you rather be?”

This ep seems to be about conversations, so here’s two lovely pics of the boys talking. With each other. (Click on the links to display beautiful, full-size pics. Click on thumbnails for smaller but still beautiful pics.)

Dean on the phone with Sam

Dean on the phone with Sam

Sam on the phone with Dean

Sam on the phone with Dean