We Are All Meant For Chains by flipmontgirl


This is the story of Dean and Sam coming together and then going apart and them coming together again. It’s an odd story in that it seems to be told in snapshots of images, things Sam remembers, things he’d rather forget. Arguments he and Dean had, memories they shared. Along the way (Sam’s running from Dean) Sam picks up a young 16-year old pregnant girl. Sam never could resist a little damp street urchin, but it gets more interesting and sophisticated than you’d normally get from a fluffy bunny-sounding setup like that.

Nothing fluffy or bunny-ish about this story. Sam and Dean do get together in the end, of course, otherwise, why bother? I think the pregnant girl gets dropped off someplace safe, that’s the idea I got. But along the way? Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about this one. Be ready for edgy, be ready for graphic, but in a good way. Not gratuitious.

Once, when I went into rent Monster’s Ball with the intent of watching what everyone was talking about. Halle Berry’s performance had created buzz, so off to the local video rental I went. (Maybe it was DVD by that time, I don’t know.) The young man who checked out this rental was, oh, say 22. Let’s just say. I asked him if he’d seen it. He said, “Yes,” with some disgust, and I asked him if there was something wrong. He said, “There’s sex in this movie.” I looked at him as they say, askance, because, you know, to a 22-year old MALE that would be a good thing. I wondered what I was getting into if he was disgusted by this movie. Well, if you’ve seen the movie, there’s sex, yes, and not the nice kind. Not anything kinky, ye ken, but the sex is so realistic, it’s not like watching porn at all. It’s not pretty to the watcher, however much the participants are enjoying it. Maybe he objected sex being done for money, I don’t know. I’ve puzzled about that young man from that day to this, and I can only surmise that he was put off by the realism. Monster’s Ball was riviting, and I’ve got its images still in my brain.

So. Reading this story is rather like watching Monster’s Ball. Realism, tricky lighting, and the sex is not pretty. But man. The camera work….I’ve got one quote but don’t read it if you don’t want the effect spoiled.


“It was no trouble, asking, when he knew the answer, when he felt it: sticky warm under his hands, spit-wet under his mouth, thundering just under the skin, ferocious heartbeat against his own, hot and hard against his stomach. The answer was yes.

Hands fumbling at Dean’s belt, the buttons of his jeans. Unknown territory and the best-known all in one.

“Sammy stop. Please. We gotta stop.” The request was half-hearted at best.

No match for the smell, musk-rich, a hint of piss, dirty with a couple of days spent in the same briefs. No match for the taste, sharp, stinging, a thousand pinpricks on his tongue. No match for the way Dean sounded: rattlesnake and sizzle, dangerous and desperate with this thing they were becoming.

He was the one who prayed this time, foolishly determined. He prayed, “Say yes. If you can’t say no, at least say yes.” He knew it and yet he had to hear it.

“Yeah.” Dean arched, curving impossibly off the bed, curving with lust and guilt. Beautiful demise. “Fuck. Fuck, yeah.”

It was so easy in the end.

Destroying them.”

The part that got to me, really got to me was the realism of the underwear. I mean…gross, right? But you ever wanted someone so bad, you didn’t care? I have. Man, this girl has it.