While the Pink Raygun team relocates from Tucson to Philly, the site is on a hiatus. Thusly, my review will be posted later this week.

Here’s some pictures to tide you over till then:

Freckle sighting

 Freckle sighting

I got my dither face on


In an additional note,  in all their wisdom, the people at the Emmys decided that  our very own Jensen Ackles wasn’t worth a nod to make it on the short list. And there is a short list now, it consists of actors doing their thing to applause and acclaim, but it does not include one of the better actors of our day. Yeah, I adore James Spader and Hugh Laurie and Denis Leary with all my heart. They’re good. They’re very good. But they’re not Jensen Ackles good. The things he can do with his face and his body to telegraph unspoken dialog are mezmerizing. I think the error lies in the Emmy’s inability to see past the facade of a horror TV show, though I see that Mary McDonnell from Battlestar Galactica made it to the short list so at least SOMEONE is watching quality TV. 

My protest will be to NOT watch the Emmys this year. Not that I ever do, but you know, in my small way, I’ll make my mark.