Here’s an unlikely post from TV Guide, where Padalecki indicates his thoughts on the whole “has Sam slept with Ruby” issue. I’ll just quote the whole thing, shall I?

“Supernatural fans want to know: Did Sam hook up with his demon helper, Ruby? While series creator Eric Kripke thus far is mum on the subject, Jared Padalecki is willing to offer his own (albeit unconfirmed) opinion on the possibly sticky sitch.

Padalecki theorizes that the unlikely associates “have been lovers,” noting that “from the first episode this season, when Dean returns and Ruby (now played by Genevieve Cortese) is in her underwear and Sam is coming out of the bathroom, it’s hinted that Sam and Ruby have a bit more going on than, ‘Hey, let’s study how to kill demons.'”

Padalecki, however, stops short of suggesting that any hook-up (if one happened) means anything. “Maybe she’s just being nice to Sammy,” he says, “since he thought he lost his brother.”

Rant follows!

There’s so much wrong with this bit of speculation that it makes my brain hurt, although I’m not saying that Padalecki’s not entitled to speculate, heck, fangirls do it ALL the time. It’s just that his speculations seem so…well, so weird! What he’s saying here gives me the impression that he has no knowledge about the guidelines that Show has set down for demon lore. To paraphrase Guy (Crewman #7), does Padalecki even WATCH the show?

First, the whole “maybe she’s just being nice to Sammy,” idea is total hogwash. Ruby is in this for her OWN gain, and if Sam thinks she’s being nice to him, that’s for her benefit, not his. And although I can see Sammy being a bit blinded by whatever demonic wool Ruby is pulling over his eyes, I would totally expect that Padalecki would would know enough about what’s going on to know that Ruby is not nice. Not even for a demon.

Second, the idea of Sam sleeping with Ruby is so very, VERY wrong, because Ruby is a DEMON possssing a human female. If the human is dead and Sam’s having sex with Ruby, then it’s necrophilia. If the human is not dead and Sam’s having sex with Ruby, then it’s rape, because the human inside can’t say yes or no to said sex. I’m not sure which is worse, though I’m thinking it’s the latter, because the first one is just mostly gross, whereas the second one…is wrong, wrong, wrong.

So, either Padalecki is just being nice and trying to give TV guide an answer that he thinks they want to hear (which makes me roll my eyes and shake my head because you’d think after three years that Padalecki would have a bit more knowledge than this), or he’s saying exactly what he’s supposed to say in order to stir up as MUCH trouble as possible, although I wouldn’t think that Show needed to get publicity this way. Oh, Padalecki! Oh, Show!