The latest and newest clips of the upcoming ep to be aired on January 21st are now available at Pink Raygun.

Here are my thoughts….

The new ep is called Sam, Interrupted, which is a play on the title of Girl, Interrupted, which is the only movie I ever liked Miss Jolie in and the last movie I liked Miss Ryder in. But I love love love the idea of it!!! Because, seriously, what a riot! After all the crap that Sam and Dean have been through, it’s about time that they ended up in the looney bin. Even though it looks like they check themselves in to go undercover, it’s still pretty delicious. Becauase I like the idea of the boys in pjs 24/7, trapped in a place where the food is bad and everyone acts like they’re helping you but are truly evil!! And maybe there’ll be nekked nudity….

You know and I know  you know and everybody (probably) knows how many fanfics there are out there about this very topic, so it’ll be nice to see on the TV screen. Although, there’s no way Show can do it as good as, say, Moths on the Mirror  by fleshflutter, and other stories of that caliber, still it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Of clip 1, much hysteria ensues with the though of Sam in the altogether (having to take his pants down), and undergoing an uncomfortable situation. Padalecki is so very good at this kind of comedy, he’s so suited to physical humor, and I must say he looks really GOOD in this shot, all tan and lean and shaggy. The grey t-shirt just does it for me.

Of clip 2, there’s lots of Deanish goodness; I love the fact that he’s in blue pjs again, that never gets old for me. Interesting to see that something’s going on with him, some psychosis brought on by being in the looney bin, plus maybe…what, the ghosts of patients past?

I’m really looking forward to this ep because of the aforementioned goodness, plus, it looks like a REAL ep with a REAL case of saving people, hunting things. And the hiatus is over as well, thank goodness.

Here’s to Thursdays being FUN again!!!