My review of the Supernatural episode “Two Minutes to Midnight” is up at Enjoy!

An excerpt:

“MB starts handing out intel, like how many people will die in the upcoming disaster in Chicago, like it’s candy. Even as I’m wondering how he knows this, Sam asks the obvious question, how did you put all this together, anyways? Just as I’m about to suspect that MB went ahead and made that deal with the crossroads demon, ta-da, in walks Crowley. It’s predictable but fun. It also means that Sam is the only one who hasn’t made a crossroads deal, though not for lack of trying. And then, just as I’m about to ask the most obvious next question, Sam asks it for me. He got the expression of a 12 year old looking at the innards of dead animal he’s just discovered run over in the road. It’s terribly gross to contemplate, but he just can’t help himself, so Sam looks at MB and says, “Did you kiss him?” (So cute.)”