My review of the Supernatural episode “Exile on Main St” is up at Enjoy!

An excerpt:

I don’t think Show made Sam into Pod Sam accidentally, of course, so I figure there must be some reason for this shift in Sam. So maybe, like I said before, it has to do with what happened to him in hell. Or, in a more sinister vein, maybe he’s still Lucky; that inside of Sam the Morning Star is still calling the shots, and casting his hellish net to lure Dean into a sense of false security. He certainly has that “Hi, I’m Lucky on the inside” expression on his face when he hugs Dean, because Sam’s eyes are all green and glittery and he’s got that little smirk going on. (Which Padalecki does so well, every time; it makes me want to stand up shout.) Another red herring? I feel comfortable that Show will take it one way or the other, at least eventually.”