My review for the Supernatural episode “Two and a Half Men” is up at Enjoy!

An excerpt:

“Let’s talk about Lisa, which is just about as bad, because, frankly, I can’t seem to pin her down. Is she a good influence or is she just a millstone around Dean’s neck? She certainly seems to represent home and hearth, if not to Dean, then at least to the viewers, and yeah, to Sam. I’m pretty sure Dean likes her, is fond of her and Ben, and he really wants to keep them safe. But however many roots he’s planted, his feet seem mighty itchy. Otherwise, why would he come so quickly when Sam whistles for him? I’m not complaining, ye ken, I’m just pointing it out. Dean tries to be all coy over the phone, but even though Sam can’t see his face, he knows that even though Dean’s saying no, no with that lovely mouth of his, he’s saying yes, yes with his eyes. And his heart.”