My review of the Supernatural episode “You Can’t Handle the Truth” is up at Enjoy!

An excerpt:

This week, Sam and Dean are on the hunt for the Magical McGuffin that causes people to ask for the truth, and, being unable to handle it, to kill themselves in violent and/or messy ways. I’ve already talked about the aforementioned Jane, and the dentist, and next up is Dean. Yes, indeed, he’s a victim of the week in his own right, and of course the reason why is that he wants to know the truth about Sam. Show has been leading up to the fact that there is “an unknown truth” (to quote the Unnamed Romulan Commander from The Enterprise Incident) about Sam. But, this being Show and this being TV, while Dean spends a lot of time on the phone, by the end of the ep, we still don’t know. I wanted to point that out now, so if you’ve not already seen the ep, you won’t get your hopes up.”