My review of the Supernatural episode “All Dogs Go to Heaven” is up at Enjoy!

An excerpt:

Be that as it may, the opening scenes also have Sam and Dean at a BBQ joint somewhere in New York, even though New York State is not really known for being a haven for BBQ joints. But never mind that now. The sun is shining, the brothers are together, and Sam is wearing a green plaid, snap-button shirt, which is one of my absolute favorites for him to wear. He looks so good in green, always, and the snap buttons are just hot, on account of they can be unsnapped so easily, if one’s imagination were inclined to go that way, which mine is. I’m perfectly certain that Show does NOT dress Sam to suit my tastes, but sometimes, like this time, I’m perfectly certain that they do. And then there’s the Samhair, which makes a lovely showing in this scene and fact makes many showings for the rest of the ep.”