Dear Avid Readers and Anyone Else Interested in What I’m Writing About,

Some time ago, mid-Season Seven of Supernatural, I believe, I had a desire to do more of  my own writing. I wanted to write about that (and my decision not to write about Supernatural) more, and will in due course, but if you’re interested, I’ve started a new blog. I write about all types of things, hopefully in an interesting way. And, best of all, I’ve written a book. It’s even on sale!

If you would like to read more, you can visit me at:

You can read about my book, Fagin’s Boy there, or, if you’d like to simply brave the fates and buy it outright, you can go to any number of places:

Amazon – Paperback

Kindle – Mobi

Nook – Epub

Kobo – Epub

Smashwords – Epub

I think it’s been a good transition for me to make; my only sorrow is, because I wasn’t writing about Sam and Dean anymore, the loss of some very nice and enthusiastic readers.

Here’s hoping that you all are well!


Christina E. Pilz