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Sam Winchester’s Hair – The Only Thing Left to Me

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Dear Avid Readers and Anyone Else Interested in What I’m Writing About,

Some time ago, mid-Season Seven of Supernatural, I believe, I had a desire to do more of  my own writing. I wanted to write about that (and my decision not to write about Supernatural) more, and will in due course, but if you’re interested, I’ve started a new blog. I write about all types of things, hopefully in an interesting way. And, best of all, I’ve written a book. It’s even on sale!

If you would like to read more, you can visit me at:

You can read about my book, Fagin’s Boy there, or, if you’d like to simply brave the fates and buy it outright, you can go to any number of places:

Amazon – Paperback

Kindle – Mobi

Nook – Epub

Kobo – Epub

Smashwords – Epub

I think it’s been a good transition for me to make; my only sorrow is, because I wasn’t writing about Sam and Dean anymore, the loss of some very nice and enthusiastic readers.

Here’s hoping that you all are well!


Christina E. Pilz  

Book Review: It Was On Fire When I Laid It Down

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BenBella Press asked me to review their latest pop culture book, this one entitled “In the Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural.” Which I did and which you can read at

Thank you!

Gina Lee: A Perilous Guard

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Title: A Perilous Guard
Author: Sylvia Bond
Genre/Rating: Gen/PG
Word Count: 8,483
Fandom: Dark Shadows
Verse: Gina Lee (# 11)
Summary: In this parallel story to Polly, Willie must deal with the repercussions of having an uninvited visitor to the Old House. And it doesn’t matter that she’s only seven years old and didn’t mean any harm, Willie will go to the ends of the earth to protect her.
A/N: I couldn’t resist telling Polly’s story from Willie’s POV.


The layer of sweat along his neck had been building for some time, and now, now that he was almost done for the day, it had become a maddening itch. He wanted to scratch it, but if he did, hands wet with paint, he’d leave a swath of paint in his hair. Besides, it was just coming sunset and he couldn’t stop. He wanted to leave the result of progress. Barnabas was sure to check, directly after he’d gotten up, and the ceiling of the master bedroom had better show signs of industry or the vampire would want to know the reason why. Willie layered down the last strokes, trying not to hurry in the growing shadows, knowing that if he just kept going, the paint would be layered in long, even lines, and look quite good once it dried. Even if he couldn’t properly see it going on.

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