I’ve written a review of Sam Rockwell’s new movie “Moon,” and you can read it here, at pinkraygun.com.

Thank you!

An excerpt:

The two exceptions to this mostly male cast are Tess, Sam’s wife, and Eve, Sam’s daughter, who are never seen in real time. It’s like Gladiator all over again! But seriously, I didn’t need to recognize that pattern to know that this movie was written by a guy – the focus (Oh, the FOCUS!) on female boobage is a dead giveaway. Only in a man’s (Sam’s) fantasy is a woman’s underwear the subject of fetish-like detail: here it is pure white, and trimmed with lace and a pink ribbon. On the other hand, we don’t get to see Sam’s underwear at all, so my question of boxers or briefs goes unanswered. (The union suit does not count.)”