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The Fan Whisperer Master Post

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Back in December of 2008 I made a post that called for people who wanted to be interviewed for my piece on fan fiction for Pink Raygun. The link to that post is here:

Many people responded, and two years later, the piece is being posted. The delay is due in part to real life issues, but also in part to the fact that I had a hard time getting my hands around the material I collected. All the respondents had a lot to say and all of it was interesting!

The dates for posting are:

Part 1 – January 4th

Introduction: It’s So Very Personal
Getting Into Fandom: Walking on the Wild Side

January 11th
Becoming a Fan Fiction Writer: Dealing in Emo

January 18th
Fan Fiction: Why? Why? Why?

January 25th
Character: It’s In The Way That You Use Him

January 27th
Conclusion: Bringing in the Sheaves

Best Regards and happy reading!


Supernatural Episode Review: Clap Your Hands If You Believe

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My review of the Supernatural episode “Clap Your Hands If You Believe” is up at  Enjoy!

An excerpt:

“There’re so many things about this ep that were great or laugh-out-loud funny and I had such pleasure watching this one twice. Overall, I adored this episode in a way I haven’t in a long time. I like that Sam’s getting some great lines now. I love that Dean realizes how important Sam is to him, that is, Sam with a soul, which he wants to get back. Even if having a soul and being human means nothing but constant pain and sorrow. Which isn’t exactly true, being a human is pretty cool. There’s joy and happiness and hot chocolate and puppies, and along with watching cool shows like Show, and Stargate: Atlantis and Numb3rs and Starsky & Hutch that makes life worth living. Sure, bad things happen to good people, but that, along with the sorrow that comes when beloved shows are cancelled, is part and parcel of being alive. You can’t have the sweet without the bitter, after all.”

Supernatural Episode Review: Weekend At Bobby’s

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My review of the Supernatural episode “Weekend at Bobby’s” is up at Enjoy!

An excerpt:

After watching this ep, I still don’t like MB. I still think he’s overused, inorganic, and retconned. I still think he rescues Sam and Dean far too often, like, all the time, and I am so frakking tired of how he does the boys’ their research for them. But. If the glimpse I got of Bobby Singer in this episode is what Bobby-fans are seeing all the time? Then I can completely get why they adore him.”

Fanfiction: Corduroy Starsky

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Many years ago, I wrote a fanfic called “Velveteen Hutch,” which I talked about in this post, and which you can read here on Flamingo’s archive. The story was, so they tell me, well-received, and the original publisher of that fanfic, Linda Cabrillo, wanted a companion piece even before the ink was dry on the first piece. That was some 15 years ago, and since then, I’ve had it in the back of my head that I would oblige her, which I have now done with a fanfic called “Corduroy Starsky,” the ordering information for which is available here.

The distance between the two fanfics can be explained by other fandoms taking over, as I went deeply into Blakes 7, The Professionals (songvids), and Dark Shadows (many, many stories). Then Real Life had its full share as I got a pair of Master’s degrees, bought a condo, sold that, bought a house built in 1902, refurbished that and sold it, and then bought another condo, which is a lot of moving! By the time I got back to the companion piece, I had lost touch with Starsky and Hutch, and felt rather adrift that I couldn’t just call up the passion I once had for them, let alone remember the canonical details that bring every fanfic to life.

With my publisher’s handholding, I managed to write something that we both felt was not only a good companion to the first, but that also captured Starsky’s devotion to Hutch.  I wrote it from Starsky’s point of view, which had a very different feel from Hutch’s because, naturally, Starsky has a different outlook on life than Hutch does. I always felt he was the more serious of the two, on the inside, while playing the clown to hide this. His recall of events is much more linear than Hutch’s, plus, he became very focused on not only when events happened, but what they meant. This was a strong contrast to Hutch’s stream of consciousness memory of the same timeframe, that is, from the time they met to the events that happened after Gunther and Lionel. I still feel that I didn’t do the boys justice, but what is there that is good I owe to several sources.

First, there are the DVDs of the original show, uncut and commercial free. This includes Season 4, amazingly enough, and the credit for that must go to Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, David Soul, and Paul Michael Glaser for making the Starsky and Hutch movie that was SO much fun and brought this wonderful fandom back to living and breathing color, and allowed the fourth season to be produced, which, as I hear, was not a sure thing. Watching the eps brought it all back to me, how cool this show is, how fun the boys are to see in action. And so crisp, so clean! Such a nice upgrade from my old VHS tapes.

Next, I owe a debt of gratitude to my silent resource Pepper Ckua and her brilliant Compendium that contains every factoid EVER conceived, written, imagined, shown, told, or filmed about Starsky and Hutch in Bay City. You would not BELIEVE it unless you see it, how complete and in depth this website is, how ginormous and richly detailed.

And then, of course, there’s Keri, my publisher, who has untapped amounts of enthusiasm for this project, and was wonderful to work with in a way that I remember fanfic publication being. Now, if she’d only hang her fanart…

Fanfiction: Hour of Separation

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If Sky Blue and Black was harder to write and not very well received, than Hour of Separation was, in comparison, an easy to raise and well-loved child. This post is about that story, which you can read on Flamingo’s fabulous Starsky and Hutch site. 

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Fanfiction: Sky Blue and Black

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As I mentioned in my post about Velveteen Hutch, my goal to have Sky Blue and Black published to the S/H fan community was a rocky one. This post is about trying to get it published and how the story came about. The story is currently posted on Flamingo’s site. Read the rest of this entry »

Fanfiction: Velveteen Hutch

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Once, long ago, I was very much into Starsky and Hutch fandom. My interest these days is peripheral, but I have fond spot for it in my heart, and always will. This fandom was the one that showed me what friendship was all about; nobody could love each other the way the boys do. For some reason, while in the fandom, I produced no songvids, and only five stories, only three of which ever got published. (The other two, I recently submitted to two fanzines, and they should be out in a year.) I guess I was more involved in reading the fanfic and collecting songvids than creating anything.

This post, in particular, is about the fanfiction Velveteen Hutch. Read the rest of this entry »